Labor law, social security and migratory law

We provide support to our clients on topics related to:

  • Implementing employment, compensation and extralegal benefit strategies.
  • Advising on duly implementing service and personnel outsourcing options, as well as contracting services based on different employment agreement outlines.
  • Supporting employee expatriation and workplace mobility.
  • Supporting disciplinary processes and decisions, just cause dismissals, retirement plan structuring and employment relationship termination strategies.
  • Structuring employment agreements in their various modalities and setting terms and conditions according to positions and roles’ particularities.
  • Designing and preparing internal work regulations, as well as manuals and policies that are useful and efficient tools for managing employment relationships.
  • Due diligence processes and assistance in operations that imply employer substitution or employment agreement assignment due to business integration, mergers, demergers or acquisitions.
  • Negotiating and liaising with unions and managing employment conventions and collective agreements.
  • Strategically managing health care jurisdictions and general events that generate a reinforced work stability.
  • Attending to lawsuits and work processes, writs for the protection of constitutional rights, injunctions and investigations before the Ministry of Labor, as well as audit processes by the Unidad de Gestión Pensional y Parafiscales (UGPP).

Moreover, we perform special training and instruction for our client’s work teams in the fields of selection, payroll, employment, well-being and occupational health and safety in terms of current high-impact labor issues for organizations.